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Artist: John Duncan
Title: Mantra / Ur Sonate
Format:CD in digi pack
Edition: 200 (hand numbered)

Two new vocal based recordings by the conceptual, and ever challenging artist John Duncan. "Mantra" is a piece by himself and is a choral drone that is highly capturing and transcendent. "Ur Sonate" is a classic sound poem by dadaist Kurt Schwitters composed between 1922-1932. The piece was banned from being recorded for many years (by the Kurt und Ernst Schwitters Stiftung). This album is something new for Duncan, but also in a way connected to his "Bitter Earth" album for iDEAL.

Cover portrait of John Duncan by Gillian Leigh Bowling.

John Duncan Vocals
Field recordings
Vocals recorded at Pieve del Pino, Bologna.
Onsite recordings made by John Duncan at Laboratori Nazionali del Gran Sasso, Assergi.
Composed at Pieve del Pino.
Premiered live at Oboro, Montreal for Immerson7 produced by France Jobin and Oboro.

Written by Kurt Schwitters
Arranged and performed live by John Duncan with participants on 4 March, 2017 at Narkissos Contemporary Art Gallery, Bologna.
Inspired by a suggestion from Francesco Cossù.

Bruno Armeni, Sofia Braga, Alarico Bruni, Christian Capone, Ingrid Checchi, Edoardo de Cobelli, Yelena Mitrjushkina, Ivan Pjevcevic, Giusy Ranieri, Carlo Ronchetti, Davide Tozzoli, Nicola Vinciguerra, Massimiliano Zani.

Audio recording Roberto Monari

Sofia Braga Ivan Pjevcevic

Live video stream Sofia Braga

Produced by Yelena Mitrjushkina for Narkissos Contemporary Art Gallery, Bologna.

© John Duncan 2017